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Like a Virgin Super Hydrating Shampoo & Cream Conditioner

Yes, our Shampoo & Conditioner formulas are gluten free.

Yes, our Shampoo & Conditioner formulas are 100% vegan.

Our Shampoo & Conditioner contain low levels of fragrance & Benzyl Salicylate but have been tested & proven safe to use on all hair & scalp types. If you are concerned please patch test before use.

Yes these products are safe to use every day as part of your hair washing routine!

Our Shampoo will give you the cleanest hair ever thanks to a sulfate free, triple cleansing formula using Soap Nuts, Fruit Enzymes & Coconut Oil to thoroughly wash your locks without over-drying hair.It will instantly boost your hair's hydration thanks to Coconut, Avocado & ResistHyal™ technology; a powerblend of Hyaluronic Acid to increase moisture by 51% for more softness, smoothness & gloss.

Our Conditioner gives instant hair mask like results thanks to its rich formula that is 3 times thicker than a regular conditioner. This allows the formula to deeply and quickly penetrate strands delivering silicone-free hydration from ResistHyal™ technology which will increase hydration by 26 times. Get stronger, longer hair with a formula that instantly detangles for less breakage whilst pea proteins repair & reduce
damage by 65%.