Our ingredients are sourced from Bali, Hawaii and the US. We work with local specialists and do research to make sure we only use quality ethical ingredients.

Sunny Honey shelf-life is 36 months. Once opened, your Sunny Honey will last 6 months.

The expiry date can be found on the base of the bottle, typical shelf life is 3 years, once opened we recommend to use it within 6 months

Yes, Sunny Honey is completely recyclable. The bags the tan comes in are completely bio-degradable! We love the environment we do!!!

We love to be inclusive, so our products are suitable for all ages and skin tones. We do not actively promote our self-tan to children, and we always suggest doing a skin patch test before full-body application, especially if you are under 16 years old.

Sadly we don't offer trial samples. We believe in our products and want you to have the best possible online shopping experience, so we offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

We will process your refund after we receive the returned products within 30 days of purchase.

Please contact our Customer Experience Specialist to find out how to send damaged products back to our nearest warehouse. For any products that are not damaged, you will need to pay the cost of the return, and we encourage you to use a trackable service as any lost returns cannot be reimbursed. Please always include your order confirmation number in the subject line so we can be super speedy when replying!

Self-tanning takes practice. We've all ended up a patchy mess at least once so don't despair!

Our formula is developed to give you a flawless, even tan, but also with a great formula; there can be a disaster if the tan is not applied correctly. Follow our tips on getting the perfect self-tan to avoid any mishaps.

If you had ended up in a patchy mess, your tan would start to fade naturally within 5 to 7 days. To help it along try taking a long soak in a warm bath and exfoliating your skin with an exfoliating glove and a body scrub, this will tone down the colour immediately.

You can also try rubbing the area with a lemon wedge. Lemon contains natural acids that will gently exfoliate and loosen the top layer of skin cells. If all else fails, it looks like you're wearing jeans and a jumper today!

We've developed our formula with a green-grey base for a natural-looking, golden glow with no orangey tones. Sunny Honey needs to be kept in a cool, dark place, below 30°C and should be used within six months of opening.

Products like perfumes, deodorants, and makeups might react with our product, and that could lead to the green pigmentation. These sections might turn green when tanned. It is advisable to rinse your body thoroughly before starting a spray tanning process to prevent such a reaction.