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Don’t freak over streaks or panic over patches – here’s how to use Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam for the best self-tanning results under the sun! Simple to follow but super important, these foolproof tips will level up your self-tanning game – whether you’re a fake tanning first-timer or committed to faux-glow. 

Read on for the 7 steps to self-tanning success with Sunny Honey. Don’t DIY without it!

Step 1 - Exfoliate + Remove unwanted hair 

For a perfect fake tan, good prep is essential. This means exfoliating at least 6 hours before and removing unwanted hair a full 12-24 hours before self-tanning. 

Exfoliation is important to prevent tanning ingredients clinging to dry, scaly bits and creating a patchy, uneven tan. Therefore, we always recommend a full-body exfoliation (in any areas you’ll be applying tan) as part of your tanning prep.

Defuzzing by waxing or shaving is also a good idea, for two reasons. Firstly, by removing hair you are essentially exfoliating and creating a nice smooth base which helps ensure a streak-free tan. Secondly, to avoid removing your colour, you want to avoid having to shave or wax for at least a few days after tanning.

But a word of caution. Make sure you wait at least 12 hours after hair removal before applying tanner. This allows your follicles to close, preventing irritation and those tiny pigment dots you might have noticed after tanning freshly shaved legs.

Step 2 – Apply to clean, dry skin

You’ve probably heard the best way to make a tan last is to moisturise, as your tan fades as dry skin cells shed. However, you want to avoid lubing up your bod immediately before applying self-tanner, or you’ll dilute the colour. 

Instead, apply your Sunny Honey to clean, dry skin (no fragrance, deodorant or moisturiser) – and keep any moisturising to super-dry areas like your knees and elbows. These areas tend to soak up extra product and the moisturiser acts as a barrier.


Step 3 – Use a self-tanning mitt & brush

For flawless results, we recommend applying your Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam with the applicator mitt and kabuki brush included in our Bali Bronzing Bundle

Standing in front of a mirror, apply the self-tanner in long, sweeping movements, using our hypoallergenic mitt. With a soft, velvety texture, the mitt ensures a smooth, even application – and prevents your palms from going muddy! Bali Bronzing Foam also features colour guide technology, so you can easily see if you’ve missed a spot. Clever, huh? 

For tricky-to-tan, extra-absorbent areas, like the face, ears, hands, feet, elbows and knees, use the kabuki brush. Silky-soft and 100% vegan, it allows you easy access to any nooks and crannies.

Step 4 – Go easy on elbows, knees, wrists & hands

Some areas require a little extra care and a lighter touch, specifically dry and knobbly elbows and knees, and delicate wrists and hands. Approach tanning these areas with a small amount of self-tanner only, applied and blended in a circular motion, using the kabuki brush.

Check out the full tan tutorial here 

Step 5 – Allow tan to develop

We know you’re all busy, so our fast-developing self-tanning formula delivers a gorgeous glow in just 2 hours! Make sure you allow the tan to develop for the full 2 hours, avoiding water and sweat-inducing activity during this time. 

Once you’ve reached the 2-hour mark you’re free to shower. However, for a deeper colour you can safely leave on for up to 24 hours. Our tip? Apply Sunny Honey before bed and leave on overnight. Don’t worry – with our green-grey base and shades for each skintone, there’s no risk of your tan over developing. Or turning orange!

Step 6 – Shower

Once you’re ready to wash off the guide colour, take a warm (not hot) shower. Keep your shower as short as possible, and ideally use water only. No soap, body washes, shampoos etc. The purpose of this shower is just to get rid of any excess bronzer.

Don’t scrub too hard in the shower, and gently pat – don’t rub – skin dry with a soft towel.


Step 7 – Moisturise!

Once you’ve tanned it’s time to think about maintenance. Which means lathering on a body lotion every day to maintain hydration and prolong your glow. Be vigilant with your body moisturiser (we recommend our Glow Figure Body Moisture Whip!) and avoid shaving and exfoliation for a few days. It’s also best to avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs – but don’t spoil your vacay over it!

Once your glow starts to go, at around day 5, it can be a good idea to exfoliate to ensure an even fade. 


Tanned & Tested

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these real results from real people! 

Chloe, Shade: Dark

Sunny Honey is literally heaven in a bottle. My skin felt so moisturized it was unreal!

Alexa, Shade: Medium

Sunny Honey gave me the most beautiful tan and perfected imperfections & cellulite on my legs! I loved using the kabuki brush on my feet and hands to ensure an even application. Zero complaints from me!


Sunny Honey Self-Tan aims to get you a natural finish! So when choosing which colour to go for, consider what skin tone you are naturally and how dark you would like to go.

If you have a lighter skin tone with pink undertones, try our Medium tan to give your skin a subtle glow.

If you are a natural medium skin tone aiming for a "just back from holiday" glow, try our Dark tan.

If you have deeper skin and want an extra glow boost and to even your skin tone, go ahead and try our Ultra Dark tan.

Check out REAL Reviews here.


Toned and radiant, with brighter eyes, whiter teeth and sculpted cheekbones – there’s no denying the confidence-boosting power of a good self-tan! But, whether you’re pale, olive or dark-skinned, it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, our ultimate Sunny Honey tan colour guide promises unBALIevable transformations – for all skin tones. To learn all you need to know about choosing the right self-tan for your skin tone, read on!

If you’re pale or light-skinned…

Think you’re too pale to pull off fake tan? You’re not! Not only can a wash of colour be incredibly flattering, it can also help cancel out any redness. However, extra care does need to be taken when self-tanning pale skin. Not only can a too-dark hue look unnatural, application mistakes are also more obvious. 

The first thing to do to avoid a tanning to-do is selecting a self-tanner that’s specially formulated for pale-medium skins. It might seem tempting to go for broke with a ‘Dark’ or ‘Ultra Dark’ formula, but you’ll regret it – trust us! Tans designed for darker skin tones contain more of the tanning agent DHA, and using too much DHA will result in an unnatural orange or muddy-looking tan. Not a good look!

Make sure you mitt-up (there’s a handy applicator mitt in our Bali Bronzing Bundle) to avoid those tell-tale palms. And, if you’re a goldilocks? Clip back your hair and protect your hairline and brows with a touch of moisturiser. 

Go for: A tanner designed for fairer skins. In Sunny Honey, this means choosing ‘Medium’ – our lightest option. To avoid missing any spots, a self-tanner with a guide colour is a game-changer –, especially for light skins! Formulated with colour guide technology, Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam’s visible bronzers ensure a flawless, even application. Every time. 

Avoid: Choosing a formula for darker skin, applying too much product, or leaving your self-tanner on longer than recommended. If using Sunny Honey, we suggest rinsing off after two hours on the first application. While true pale skin (of the red hair and freckles variety) typically has pink undertones, those with light skin but yellowy tones should also steer clear of red-based tanners which can end up slightly orange.

If you’re olive or medium-skinned…

Self-tanning olive and medium-hued skin is less tricky, and you can pretty much opt for anything from a ‘Medium-Dark’ to ‘Ultra Dark’ formula. However, you should make sure you’re happy with the colour by doing a patch test first. And this actually applies to all skin tones. 

We know, we know. Patch testing can be a pain when you want instant results – but it’s always a good idea! Not only will it ensure you’re happy with your colour before self-tanning from head to toe, it’ll indicate if you have an allergy or intolerance to any of the ingredients. 

To bring out the natural beauty of olive skin, think green. Or specifically, green-grey. While green-based self-tanner suits most skin tones, colour-correcting pinkness (especially great for pale skins) and preventing an orange tint, Sunny Honey goes one step further. The unique green-grey base not only cancels out unwanted pink and prevents orange, it gives a richer brown finish to medium and dark skins.


Go for: Use a formula with a guide colour for foolproof application, try a ‘Medium-Dark’ to ‘Dark’ formula (in Sunny Honey that means ‘Dark’ or ‘Ultra Dark’), and go for a self-tanner with a green-grey base to flatter your natural tones and amplify your glow. 

Avoid: Cheap self-tanners with artificial ingredients and poor-quality DHA that will dry out the skin. There’s no need to sacrifice your natural hydration and radiance for a faux glow!

If you’re dark…

Even if your skin’s already naturally dark, a fake tanner with antioxidants and firming ingredients – like Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam – can help blur imperfections, even out pigmentation and improve the appearance of cellulite. So, don’t think self-tan’s just for your fairer-skinned friends!

While there’s a bit more room for error when using fake tan on darker skin, you should still follow some universal fake-tanning tips. Including prepping the skin by exfoliating! Self-tanner clings to dry skin, which can lead to a patchy result and uneven fade. So, not matter your skin type or skin tone, make sure you give your skin a thorough sloughing prior to tanning.


Go for: A formula packed with booty firming, anti-ageing and imperfection-blurring ingredients! 

Avoid: Self-tanners that just tan, without taking care of your skin. And, to avoid that awful biscuity fake tan smell, try Sunny Honey. Formulated with 100% natural DHA, the tropical mango and guava scent will have you craving your next self-tanning sesh!

Tanned & Tested

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these real reviews from real people! Head over to our reviews page for more!




It depends! Regular make-up remover shouldn't take off your tan. However, exfoliating removal cream or wipe may as the physical exfoliants will cause dead skin cells on the surface layer of the skin to be removed.

NO, sweat shouldn't ruin your tan but we recommend avoiding sweating until your tan has fully developed. 

Once you are happy with your colour and have enjoyed the results, go ahead and jump in the pool or go ahead with your usual workout regime, but note that seawater and chlorinated swimming pools may cause your gorgeous tan to fade faster.

Our Sunny Honey formula is perfect for all skin types! It contains ingredients that have a low comedogenic rating meaning it will not clog pores and cause breakouts.

It's completely up to you! When you have decided to re-tan, we recommend removing all of the previous tans and thoroughly exfoliating to get the best results. Tanning at least once a week will ensure you are bronzed beautifully all year round! 

Each bottle has roughly 260 pumps and can last approx 10-20 full body tanning sessions.

Absolutely! Our tan develops in just 2 hours but for a deeper colour and longer-lasting glow, try wearing it overnight. If you want to apply the tan and then hop straight into bed, have no fear of dirty bedsheets - our tan doesn't transfer! 

Sunny Honey is different because

  • Unique Cellushape™ formula infused with raw virgin coconuts, botanicals and amino acids to hydrate and firm skin
  • Enriched with mandarin oil and powerful natural antioxidants including fig, banana, papaya and cocoa to improve signs of ageing
  • Blurs pigmentation and perfects skin
  • Tropical Balinese Mango and Guava Scent
  • Lightweight, non-sticky formula
  • A green-grey base for a natural-looking, golden glow with no orangey tones
  • Fast drying and develops in just 2 hours

1. Remove unwanted hair and exfoliate thoroughly (ideally 12-24 hours before.)

2. Apply to dry skin, free from moisturisers.

3. Apply using a self-tanning mitt in circular motions. Use the kabuki brush to apply the tan to tricky-to-tan areas like the feet, hands, face and ears. Use only a small pump on the brush!

4. Use sparingly on knees, wrist, elbows and hands.

5. Allow developing for a minimum of two hours or overnight for an even deeper tan.

6. Shower in warm water to remove the guide colour and gently pat skin dry.

7. Moisturise daily to maintain results.

If after the first application and shower you feel that you would like your tan to be darker, we suggest you repeat application the following day, don't forget to re-apply moisturiser in drier areas again such as elbows, knees, feet and hands!

Yes of course! We love this look, you can use a fine-tipped brush to apply in dots or even use a freckle stencil! Be sure to let us know how you get on ☀️🍯

Our tan begins to develop after just 2 hours after which it can be rinsed off with clean water. For a deeper and longer-lasting colour, we recommend leaving it on for up to 8 hours (or overnight!).

It is not necessary to use soap to remove the tan guideline colour; water is perfectly enough. If you do use soap, it is best to use sulphate free to avoid any aggressive chemicals which may strip your tan. Be sure to not excessively rub at your skin while showering or drying off as this can exfoliate the skin, increasing the fade of your new gorgeous glow!

The application should take no longer than 10 minutes.

While our formula is suuuuuper nourishing and hydrating, we understand that with extremely dry skin it is often a little tricky to achieve a stunning, even glow. We recommend exfoliating and moisturising whilst removing any unwanted hair 12-24 hours before tan application, to create the best base possible. Just before applying Sunny Honey apply a little bit of moisturiser or barrier cream to those extremely tricky spots; knees, elbows, hands, feet. If you have any more questions or concerns please do let us know, we hope this helps! ☀️🍯

Sunny Honey ☀️🍯does not tone your body, however, our patented formula contains CellushapeTM which was created using powerful active ingredients to help delay ageing, restore cell activity and boosts caffeine’s lipolytic effects helping to remove cellulite.

A clinical test was carried out to measure the slimming effect of CellushapeTM on 15 volunteers between 30- 50 years old. Volunteers applied the treatment twice daily for a duration of 28 days on thighs, hips and buttocks. They noticed the below:

A significant decrease in the volume of the buttocks was observed by 73% of volunteers:
-0.6% on average (p<0.01) and up to -2.65%
A significant decrease in the perimeter of the thighs was observed by 73% of volunteers: -0.5% on average (p<0.01) and up to -1.8%.
A significant decrease in the volume of the buttocks was observed by up to -4.4% (-0,9% on average)."

Take a bit of massage oil or baby oil, and apply it to all tanned areas on your body. Get in your comfiest threads, and wait at least half an hour for the oil to set into your skin. Once your timer hits 30 minutes, get in the bath, and scrub away your old tan with your Exfoliating Mitt!

The difference between our DHA and various others is that the DHA found in Sunny Honey is derived from 100% natural ingredients, whereas others are often derived from synthetic ingredients. There is no difference between the two in terms of performance when applied ☀️🍯

Our Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam is caffeine-free ☕️

Our DHA is 100% natural!! DHA will have no adverse effects on your health and when applied topically. DHA is FDA approved for use.

Yes, but please note our tan doesn't protect from the sun's harmful UV rays. Please make sure to apply sun protection prior to any sun exposure and reapply as necessary.

Coco & Eve are proud to present the first EVER self-tan, which directly attacks cellulite and reduces the appearance of ageing! Our tan is packed with potent botanicals and amino acids to perfect the appearance of skin while packing a punch of hydration!

Cellushape technology is the secret behind our formula which actively tackles dimpled skin and blurs pigmentation. We've even included mandarin oil and powerful natural antioxidants such as fig, banana, papaya and cocoa to improve signs of ageing! Our tans come in a range of shades so everyone and anyone can achieve a gorgeous, streak-free natural-looking glow.

We promise:

✔ NO streaks

✔ NO bad smells

✔ NO stress!


Yes, our Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam has a guide colour which rinses off with water to show your glowing tan. The guide colour is useful as it shows you where you have applied the product and areas that require more blending.

Once you apply the foam, your skin will instantly be bronzed. After 2 hours, the tan will start developing after which you can shower to remove the guide colour. For a longer-lasting tan, you can wait up to 8 hours or even sleep in the product overnight before rinsing.

Self-tan allows you to achieve a sun-kissed glow without subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays. Active ingredients in the self-tan turn the top layers of your skin to a golden colour. That is why you need to allow a few hours before rinsing off the product, to allow time for the change to occur. The top layers of skin naturally flake away over the course for the next 5 to 7 days, and the tanning effect of the product will no longer be visible. Self-tan needs to be reapplied to maintain the result.

The first thing to remember is that if you are into any hair removal, make sure to do this 12-24 hours before applying the tan. If you do it immediately before then, you have opened up the pores and may get tan spotting marks, and if you do it right after, you'll remove your gorgeous new glow!

  1. Set aside some time and pop on some music.
  2. Hop into the shower and get squeaky clean, get rid of all of that dead skin by using an exfoliator head to toe.
  3. Hop out of the shower and let yourself dry, resisting any urge to use any moisturisers (except to pop a tiny bit onto your hands, elbows and feet as these tend to be naturally drier areas and you don't want the tan clinging here!).
  4. 12-24 hours later, find somewhere with good lighting and a mirror to begin the application. Make sure that you can see yourself as clearly and fully as possible to get an even, natural glow.

Top tip: For a completely streak-free and even glow, try our Coco & Eve Tanning Mitt and Kabuki Brush. The mitt will ensure that your tan applies evenly and our kabuki brush is perfect for application on difficult areas such as hands, wrists, ears, feet and your face.

We've all been there with a disaster self-tan moment and typically it’s the application method which will cause this. We do suggest following these simple steps to avoid any fake tan disasters - as nobody wants streaky legs or stained palms.

Step 1: Make sure that you are feeling squeaky clean, and get rid of all that dead skin by exfoliating head to toe. Hop out of the shower or bath and let yourself dry fully, resist the urge to use any moisturisers or perfumes.
Top tip: apply a tiny bit of moisturiser to your hands, feet and elbows. These are naturally drier areas and the tan likes to cling here which causes them to become darker than other areas of your body.

Step 2: Once the skin is fully dry, find somewhere with good lighting and a mirror so that you can see your application as clearly as possible to get a perfect, natural-looking glow. To help ensure a perfect streak-free tan, try our Coco & Eve Soft Velvet Self Tan Mitt and Deluxe Vegan Kabuki Brush. The mitt will ensure that your application is consistent and free of patches and our kabuki brush is perfect for tackling difficult areas such as hands, wrists, feet, ears and your face.

For hands - pump a pea-sized amount of Sunny Honey onto the kabuki brush for the top of each hand. For the feet - use the residue of Sunny Honey from your legs and sweep over the feet with the kabuki brush. Use a wipe to gently dab the edges and soles of the feet.

For the face - pump 2 pea-sized amounts onto the kabuki brush to sweep evenly over your face.

Step 3: Once you have applied the tanner, you can shower after 2 hours. For a deeper colour and longer-lasting tan, leave on for 8 hours or sleep in it overnight (our tan doesn't transfer!). It’s personal preference how long you want to leave it on for, we recommend trying different timings to see what works best for you!

Step 4: Once you are ready to wash it off, hop back into the shower and rinse off but be sure to avoid rubbing! Pat yourself dry and get ready to enjoy the compliments!

For the best application tips check out our tutorial video here.

Our number one tip is to be moisture savvy! Apply your favourite body cream generously every day. That is important as dry skin naturally encourages skin cell regeneration and you don't want your tan fading too quickly.

Avoid submerging yourself in water for a long period as this will cause a colour fade.

Remember to do your hair removal 24 hours before applying the tan, as doing it after application will remove your goddess glow.

Exfoliating will encourage your skin cells to regenerate, so avoid this for the first few days. Once you notice that your colour is beginning to fade, start to gently exfoliate your body evenly every 2 days to ensure an even fade.

Here are some tips on how to get a natural-looking finish on your hands and feet:

  1. Make sure you have exfoliated these areas to remove any excess dead skin.
  2. Use a tiny bit of moisturizer on the drier areas of your body such as your hands, feet, elbows and knees. This will act as a barrier to the tan and stop these areas getting too dark.
  3. Use tan sparingly on your hands, elbows and feet, applying just a pea sized amount of tanning foam and continuing adding a tiny bit more until the desired coverage is achieved. Tan will naturally cling to these drier areas so start slow. For hands - pump a pea sized amount of Sunny Honey onto the kabuki brush for the top of each hand. For the feet - use the residue of Sunny Honey from yours legs and sweep over the feet with the kabuki brush. Use a wipe to gently dab the edges and soles of the feet. For the face - pump 2 pea sized amounts onto the kabuki brush to sweep evenly over your face.
  4. Try our Deluxe Vegan Kabuki Brush! We have created this to ensure a complete, flawless glow in this tricky areas. Pump a tiny bit of our tan onto the brush and then gently buff over your hands and feet, making sure to get inside all of those little creases (such as your knuckles).

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