Please take note that email addresses with at the end is the only legitimate email domain that we use to reach out to influencers and content creators for partnership/collaboration.


Any email address used without our domain by the supposed Coco & Eve team/personnel is understandably identified as fake/impostor and must be reported or blocked right away.

Thank you for your interest in being a brand partner for Coco & Eve! We are now operating our partnerships through AspireIQ, an online platform that helps brands and creators connect and collaborate.

Please click here to join our brand partner program. Once you are on, please note that AspireIQ does not change the nature of the partnership at all, or take a percentage of any payments made. It is simply a tool to help organize and streamline the process.

If you have other questions you may email us at

Thanks for your interest! Please email us at

Our office is based in London.

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