Drying your hair with a microfibre towel will be a faster process than with a cotton towel. After wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel for around 30 minutes, it will be almost totally dry.

Another benefit is the lack of friction caused. With no need to rub the hair to extract the water, less strain and friction is imposed on your hairs, leading to less breakage over time. This also helps microfibre to reduce the frizziness you may see with standard towel-dried hair, requiring less anti-frizz product.

1. Hold the towel wrap with both hands with the button facing upwards.

2. Tip head and hair forwards and position around the back of the head until the towel wrap is fully covering the hair.

3. Gather hair inside the towel wrap and twist the front section several times into a coil.

4. Bring the twist round to the nape of the neck and loop the elastic around the button.

Super absorbent microfibre blend! 75% polyester and 25% polyamide.

Yes, it is safe to wash, we recommend doing do so on a cold cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron.

The wrap is wide enough for the thickest of tresses! Length - 66cm, max width when flat - 27cm.

Yes, be sure to follow our care instructions above and wash with similar colours (e.g not in a white wash!)

Absolutely, in the best way possible! The towel wrap will help to wick away excess moisture without the need for excess heat styling that causes damage to curls.